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Blowout In McKenzie County; No Injuries; Oil Blown Off-Site -- January 3, 2015


January 4, 2015: no updates on this well, not in The Dickinson Press, nor from any reader. The blog is temporarily closed to anonymous comments. In the ol' days it was not uncommon for "anonymous" to verify a story or provide a corrected update.

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My guess (this is simply a guess based on the barest of details. I could be way, way wrong; don't rely on this information; it's only a guess):

On this 3-well pad.
  • 27653, DRL, Petro-Hunt, Jonsrud 152-96-33D-28-1HS, Clear Creek, looks like its been drilled to total depth but is on DRL status waiting to be fracked; horizontal runs north;
  • 27654, confidential, Petro-Hunt, Jonsrud 151-96-4A-10-1HS, Clear Creek,
  • 27655, confidential, Petro-Hunt, Jonsrud 152-96-34C-27-2HS, Clear Creek,
Probably one of the two wells on confidential status; the other one appears to be drilled to depth; was waiting to be fracked. Only a guess.

The Dickinson Press is reporting:
An oil well blowout released more than 25,000 gallons of crude oil at a site in McKenzie County.
Petro-Hunt LLC reported that 600 barrels of crude was released from the well and wasn’t contained on the site roughly one mile northwest of Keene.
[State officials] were on site evaluating the extent of the spill, including whether oil reached a drainage about a mile and a half south of the well. The drainage flows into Clear Creek, which eventually drains north into the Missouri River.
No one was injured, and the cause of the blowout wasn’t known, he said.
The oil well is on confidential status.

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