Saturday, January 3, 2015

Montana Update -- January 3, 2014

We haven't had an update from Montana in a long time. Don sent me the link.

Richland County
  • Whiting, Sundheim 21-3-4H, TD = 17,740 feet; 392 bopd IP.
Roosevelt County
  • Oasis, Miller Girls Federal 2758 42-7H, TF = 20,500 feet; 1,515 bopd IP
Six new Bakken permits, all in Richland County:
  • Slawson, Mosquito 3-14-23H, 
  • Whiting:
  • Miller Federal 21-20-2H,
  • Miller Federal 21-20-1H,
  • Asbeck Federal 12-31-2H,
  • Asbeck Federal 12-31-4H, 
  • Asbeck Federal 12-31-3H,
As a reminder: Richland County, Montana, is directly west of McKenzie County, North Dakota. Elm Coulee is in Richland County.

British Nurse With Ebola: Condition Worsens
At Least It's Hard To Catch

The medical condition of the first nurse on British soil to be diagnosed with Ebola is said to have worsened. The nurse was given an experimental anti-viral drug and blood from disease survivors. -- BBC News, January 3, 2015.


4.9 earthquake hits near Boise, Idaha. No fracking reported in the area.  

4.2 earthquake hits just north of Los Angeles, California. No fracking reported in the area. 

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