Tuesday, May 27, 2014

RBN Has A Nice Graphic Compairing Amount Of Condensates Produced Across US Shale

The market takes off today. Why? The LA Times says it is because orders for durable goods rise; durable goods orders unexpectedly up in April. 

Active rigs:

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RBN Energy: Musings on lifting the condensate export ban. It is amazing to see the proportion of US shale condensate produced by the Bakken, compared to Eagle Ford, D-J, Powder River, Permian, and everything else, including the Utica.

The Wall Street Journal

EPA set to unveil climate proposal that gives states flexibility in what measures to take to meet aggressive emissions-cutting goals.

Health-law costs snarl union contract talks. Comes immediately after NY Times story yesterday about new IRS rules and ObamaCare. I've got the post written but put it in draft form to post later, afer the Bakken stories are out for the day.

The Tea Party may be receding elsewhere, but definitely not in Texas.

TrainWreck in the US, but "earthquake" in France: a wave of national soul-searching washed over France as the country's leadership sorted through the political wreckage of the far-right National Front's victory in European Parliament elections.

The Los Angeles Times

I will get back to these two stories later if I remember / have the time: In Connecticut, some minimum-wage workers say raise hasn't helped much. Actually, it's much worse than that.  The second story, it appears, has already been removed. It was about support for minimum wage in California. I guess the Times editor thought the story should be pulled for some reason. I will watch for it. [Update: I can't find that second story but now the LA Times has an op-ed suggesting that the liberal newspaper is changing its stance on the minimum wage -- perhaps after reading the Connecticut experience.]

LA Times trying to guns rights the issue regarding the Isla Vista/UCSB rampage, forgetting that half the deaths were due to stabbings, and the strongest gun laws would not prevented the rampage.

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