Monday, February 17, 2014

For The Warmists: This Is A Most Interesting Graph

From Real Science, look at that very interesting graph. The link:
This is the third coldest winter on record for the US so far.

Look at that graph. A few things jump out at me.

First, the three coldest winters, including this one, are not even "kinda cold" compared to previous winters. The three coldest winters are practically off the scale.

Second, if one eliminates the first two decades (1890 - 1910), one would not even notice anything that looks anything like "warming." Only because of those first two decades, would a least-squares straight line slant "upward" (warming). And we have no idea what the temperatures were prior to 1890 based on this graph.

Also, look at that temperature scale, the "y" axis: the warmest winters did not even exceed 3 degrees Celsius off the baseline. The vast majority of "figures" were within two degrees Celsius, either warmer or colder than the baseline.

And the warmists are concerned about a one-degree rise over a century, conveniently forgetting that the earth has had no warming for 18 years, going on 19. The warmists also conveniently forget the #1 greenhouse gas is water vapor which accounts for about 97% of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. CO2 accounts for less than 3% and manmade CO2 accounts for a fraction of that. And no one is telling us to limit our water vapor emissions.

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