Thursday, December 26, 2013

Only In The Bakken ... "Our Own" Ron Burgundy


March 3, 2015: add permits for four "Chip Diller" wells

August 5, 2014: to the others, add these - Emerald's Dudley Dawson (Booger from "Animal House") and Joel Goodsen ("Risky Business"), see comment below:
  • 27485, loc, Emerald, Dudley Dawson 5-2-11H, Moline,  
  • 27486, loc, Emerald, Dudley Dawson 4-2-11H, Moline,
  • 28698, loc, Emerald, Dudley Dawson 7-2-11H, Moline,
  • 28700, loc, Emerald, Dudley Dawson 6-2-11H, Moline,

  • 27483, loc, Emerald, Joel Goodsen 4-32-29H, Moline,
  • 27484, loc, Emerald, Joel Goodsen 3-32-29H, Moline,
  • 28696, loc, Emerald, Joel Goodsen 7-32-29H, Moline,
  • 28697, loc, Emerald, Joel Goodsen 6-32-29H, Moline,
  • 28699, loc, Emerald, Joel Goodsen 5-32-29H, Moline,
December 27, 2013: a reader noted that the names of two Emerald wells come from "Animal House." I missed those:
  • 26669, conf, Emerald, Dean Wormer 1-33-28H, Moline, producing,
  • 26668, conf, Emerald, Dean Wormer 2-33-28H, Moline, producing, 
On that same well pad, three "Ty Webb" wells -- the Chevy Chase character in "Caddyshack":
  • 26665, drl --> conf, Emerald, Ty Webb 3-1-12H, Sheep Butte, producing,
  • 26666, loc, Emerald, Ty Webb 2-1-12H, Sheep Butte,  
  • 26665, conf (but well file available), Emerald, Ty Webb 1-1-12H, Sheep Butte, producing,
Original Post

Emerald Oil has permits for the following three wells ("Anchorman 2"):
  • 27334, drl, Emerald Oil, Ron Burgundy 3-23-14H, Temple, producing,
  • 27335, conf, Emerald Oil, Ron Burgundy 2-23-14H, Temple,
  • 27336, conf, Emerald Oil, Ron Burgundy 1-23-14H, Temple,
And, of course, here's a picture of the "real" Ron Burgundy....

For those who may have missed him on KX News...

Ron Burgundy, KX News


  1. A couple weeks ago Emerald got some "Dean Wormer" permits. Must be fans of both Animal House and Anchorman.

    1. I completely missed those. Too funny. Here they are:
      26669, Dean Wormer 1-33-28H
      26668, Dean Wormer 2-33-28H

  2. Bruce,
    A quick follow-up to these are Emerald's "Dudley Dawson" (Booger from Animal House) and "Joel Goodsen" (Risky Business) leases in S32 T149N R102W.


    1. Thank you. What a hoot! I will add them to the main body of the post so they are google-searchable.