Friday, August 9, 2013

School Expansion For Marmarth, North Dakota

For newbies: Marmarth is spelled with two "r's."

For newbies: the population of Marmarth is 136 with 18 elementary students and is about as far away from the Bakken and still be located in west of the Missouri in North Dakota.

In other words, this linked article below shows just how far the Bakken is affecting even the smallest communities in western North Dakota. The linked article below doesn't mention the oil industry or the Bakken but I assume the dots all connect. I could be wrong. The little town may be growing for other reasons.

The Bismarck Tribune is reporting:
A tiny school out on the western edge is about to take a big bite, but not more than it can chew and swallow.
After decades of flying the "small is beautiful" flag, the Marmarth School Board voted Tuesday to spend nearly $1 million to add onto a structure built in the mid-'60s.
School board president Amber Battest said the school board did a lot of scratching and figuring and admits it does seem a bit much for a town of 136 people and 18 students expected to enroll this fall.
Marmarth is located in the southwest corner of North Dakota, about 100 miles from Dickinson, taking the meandering route of a coyote.

The construction project awarded to a South Dakota company; $895,900. It should be completed and ready for use by the fall of 2014.

This is the best part:
Kathy Walser, is the Slope County Superintendent of Schools, and one of her duties is serving as superintendent for the Marmarth school because it's what's called a "graded" elementary school unattached to a high school.
By law, she's only required to be at the school two times a year, but she travels there weekly from her rural Rhame ranch, occasionally subbing, but more often to provide administrative oversight.
"I like to come more often to get to know the kids," she said.
She doesn't take up much room. "I have a little corner. This year it will be in the library. Before, I was in with the art and para-professionals," she said.
This is a great story; go to the linked article for more.

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