Thursday, November 22, 2012

Idle Rambling: File Under -- "Why I Love To Blog"

One of the nice things about "blogger" and an application, one can check out the links that folks take when exiting the Million Dollar Way. It is amazing how many links I have forgotten about. And it's too bad (that I have forgotten them). Some of the links are absolutely incredible.

Take "veederranch" / "Meanwhile Back At The Ranch" for just one example. I had forgotten all about this one. Truly a lot of fun. I don't recall how I was alerted to it, but when I go through it again, it's a keeper, I'm glad I stumbled upon it. Wow, just go to the site, and scroll down, look at the beautiful pictures, and occasionally stop long enough to read the notes. The love comes through.

I won't forget about the site from now on. I've plugged my e-mail address into the subscription widget.

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