Thursday, November 22, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving! Enjoy a Travelogue Site at The Link

Wow, Hess is really advertising their "toys" for Christmas. Hess has a float in the Macy's Day Parade this year featuring the pop group "The Wanted" and their Hess rescue helicopter. I just blogged about that yesterday.  Sometimes I find the MDW absolutely amazing. Smile.

Overlooked in all the posting these past few days: it looks like both the Three Forks and the middle Bakken will be nice formations in and around Willison, the heart of the Bakken. BEXP has some nice wells in both formations in the Todd field. The west (and growing) side of Williston is in the Todd oilfield.

How fast can they reach total depth in the Bakken? This is not a record, but it was fast. I believe the record is eight (8) days but that was to the middle Bakken. This well targeted a deeper formation, the Three Forks. Twelve (12) days from spud to total depth, long (two-section) horizontal;
23510, A, Whiting, Brueni 11-28PH, Green River, t10/12; said to be flowing; no IP provided; spudded August 25, 2012; total depth of 20,000 feet on September 6, 2012 (12 days); Three Forks; 
For newbies, a reminder that I update many of the earlier posts that are archived at links on the right sidebar. A particularly interesting link is the one to "Enquiring Minds" where discussions of topical interests regarding the Bakken occur.  For newbies (and even those very familiar with the Bakken) can learn a lot about the Bakken at that discussion group.

At the stand-alone post regarding the Decker coal mine there is quite a bit of information about challenges the "railroad" faces when ramping up in the Bakken. The stand-alone post starts the conversation, and it continues in two long comments. It's an interesting story. As I've mentioned several times on the blog, I am always surprised where some stories take me.

None of the links below are about the Bakken; if you are at this site solely for the Bakken, do not go to any of the links below.

Details are sketchy but there are suggestions that the turkey pardoned by President Obama last year is someone's Thanksgiving dinner today. Some folks certainly get defensive. When asked about details surrounding the POTUS-pardoned turkey and the current whereabouts of the carcass, the spokesman said he did not know, "he was in marketing." We  know slightly more about what happened to Osama bin Laden's carcass after his demise.

By the way, you might all enjoy this unique website -- a travelogue website, I believe. At least "Route 66" suggests that it is. Much of the site is free, but there are some pay-per-view downloads.

Speaking of NASCAR, Danica Patrick didn't do so badly: a million dollars in NASCAR winnings with ten starts. Compare to others. I was surprised.  With her endorsements, she probably does as well as anyone on the circuit.

No photos of the heroes? They were all asleep.

Our next Secretary of State?


This may become the 2013 theme song for the Million Dollar Way.


  1. this maybe the country theme song for at least a century...

    1. My only concern: I don't want to "wear it out," showing it too many times on the blog. Smile.

      Hey, on a pleasant note: Happy Thanksgiving.