Thursday, January 19, 2012

Update: SuperLongLaterals -- Bakken, North Dakota, USA

Link here.

Update on a couple of the "super long laterals."
  • 21002, 384, GMX Resources, Wock 21-2-1H, New Hradec, Bakken Pool, s7/11; t10/11; cum 14K 12/11; 15 stages, 2.8 million lbs; Three Forks Formation
  • 19721, 1,063, EOG, Liberty LR 19-23H, Van Hook, Bakken, s10/10; t3/11; cum 129K 11/11, 31 stages, 5 million lbs 


  1. IIRC, recently GMX commented on the Wock. Claimed that it was not great, but not too bad, that their type curve assumes wells that are better and worse than average. This one was low end. They don't have enough results to test the thesis yet.

    Their stock is cheap, or too high. They aren't broke yet.

    anon 1

    1. Yes, I was surprised that I had not updated the Wock already; I also seem to recall that GMX (or someone) commented on the Wock. I guess I was busy and didn't get that posted, or I did, and forgot to link it. Whatever.

      But it was bugging me that I didn't know how it done; now I know.