Monday, October 12, 2020

Notes From All Over -- Chinese Flu Update -- October 12, 2020

Color code makes absolutely no sense:

  • the color code allows Bismarck/Mandan and Fargo to hide in the shadows of Dickey (no deaths); LaMoure (no deaths); Pembina (no deaths); and two additional counties with but one death: Walsh; Mercer.

  • total deaths in North Dakota associated with Covid-19: 345
    • Bismarck-Mandan (Burleigh/Morton counties): 106
    • Fargo (Cass County): 78
    • Dickinson (Stark County): 25
    • Minot (Ward County): 20
    • Grand Forks: 14
    • Bakken (WMS/MNT/MCK/DUN counties): 21

Surge in the Dakotas: link to the Rapid City Journal

Deaths per million population:

  • North Dakota: once near the bottom of the list (good) has now moved to #24 (bad), worse than New Mexico, Ohio, California, and Minnesota; three new deaths reported in last 24 hours;
  • South Dakota: still about where it has always been (but slightly worse), at #35. The difference between North Dakota (445) and South Dakota (323) is not trivial: no new deaths reported in last 24 hours;
  • Wisconsin: surge in cases, but not deaths; #42 for deaths per million (good), at 252; with seven new deaths in last 24 hours, this could change;
  • I don't know: does North Dakota have four to six major centers of population vs only two in South Dakota? Was Lutheran Services more active/successful in North Dakota relocating refugees from the Mideast compared to their activities in South Dakota? University differences between North Dakota and South Dakota? Are masks the problem?

WHO: lock downs not the answer. 

Iran: number of cases surge; shatters single-day record; economy hit; country stats here;

Top ten, deaths per one million, throw out San Marino, Andorra. The Mideast is way over-represented by number of cases per million, but not so with regard to total deaths per million. With the latter, the Americas are way over-represented:

    • Peru: 1,006
    • Belgium: 877
    • Bolivia: 708
    • Brazil: 707
    • Spain: 704
    • Chile: 695
    • Ecuador: 688
    • USA: 663
    • Mexico: 647
    • UK: 630

    Italy? Ranked #13, 598 deaths per million.

    Vatican: reported this morning -- four Swiss guards test positive.

     North Texas: indications that Dallas / Ft Worth are experiencing a new surge in cases;


    • number of cases surging in Europe
    • number of cases rising in US, but deaths trending toward 50% of pandemic high
    • increasing number of young, healthy folks deliberately exposing themselves to Covid-19  

    Beatles Medley, Sina

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