Thursday, December 29, 2016

Update On The Petro Harvester Wells Along The Canadian - North Dakota Border -- December 29, 2016

For background to this note, see the post of December 17, 2016, regarding Petro Harvester wells along the North Dakota - Canadian border.

A reader sent me this note regarding the activity up there:
Petro Harvester is doing some neat stuff up there on the border right now.
They are mainly experimenting with drilling these Midale/Nesson wells. They go down 6K, and do a lateral for about the same. Then a 10-13 stage frac.
They recently completed two more of these wells near Flaxton. They are doing initial flowback to see how these perform. They are using SSi Hydraulic pumping units (336" stroke) with a huge 3 3/4" tubing pump set at a depth of about 3000ft. to get a good well test.
They also will be completing two more wells just drilled near Portal early January. Old, old field in this area. Most of the wells surrounding these new ones were drilled in 1959/60!

If they all perform well, they will re-rig up the Precision rig they have hot stacked nearby and start going to town. If all goes to plan, look for 15 more wells in that area this year!

They are pretty tight-lipped about the production results at this time. They only thing I can get out of them as a contractor is that production is “good.”

The production engineers in Texas are pretty enthusiastic about these wells. We will see what happens!

Attached is a picture of the recently-completed FLX “D” and FLX “B” well pad for your interest.

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