Saturday, June 11, 2016

Week 23: June 5, 2016 -- June 11, 2016

Big news of the week:
  • India overtakes Japan as the #3 oil-consuming nation in the universe (#1 - the US; #2 - China); the third rock from the sun using more crude oil than ever;
  • the USGS bumps up their estimate of technically recoverable natural gas in western Colorado from less then 2 trillion cubic feet to almost 70 trillion cubic feet (a reminder that the Democratic presumptive presidential nominee supports efforts to ban fracking)
  • a new term for me in the oil patch: "the light-ends space"
  • another D-Day invasion? this time it's crude oil, not Private Ryan
  • apparently the Saudi government has okayed Prince Salman's plan: close reading suggests it's evolutionary, not revolutionary
  • American wealth sets a new record 
  • Brits are using more "road fuel" than ever before; so much for global warming concerns
  • Ninth US Circuit Court of Appeals says Americans have 2nd amendment rights to keep and bear arms -- but only within the confines of their hovels
  • Tesla has a problem
  • a horrendous, horrendous job report; so horrendous folks stopped talking about it by the end of the day; didn't want to even think about it -- never mind, that was last week
  • OPEC misses on production estimates
  • EIA forecasts a cooler summer for the US; atmospheric CO2 seems to have plateaued well below optimum level for raising marijuana
  • Kentucky Derby winner eats special diet created in North Dakota
  • ObamaCare premiums slated to increase by as much as 50% for individual policies
  • US energy infrastructure continues to expand -- it never quits -- despite all the DC obstacles
The big news in the Bakken follows.

Harold Hamm says he is increasing fracking operations with oil at the $50 mark
The week ends on a positive note: active rigs back up to 28 (big whoop)
Some folks are already worried about a shortage of workers for the next Bakken boom
Hess has permits for a new 5-well Grimestad pad
Oasis, 8; Whiting, 1; EOG, 16

Presentation on fracture flooding the Bakken
The halo effect; and, here

Short pipeline approved by ND regulators
Primer on pipeline siting
"Iowa" says construction can begin on the Dakota Access Pipeline

RBN Energy provided an update of EOR in the Bakken

Bakken 101
Al Troner's article(s) on the "light-ends space"; and, here
An EIA interactive map

Bakken economy
Williston City wins first of many court cases regarding man-camps
Vultures circling the Bakken; and, here

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