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Random Update On Three CLR Wells Using High Proppant Volume, Increased Number of Stages; The Bonney Wells -- September 27, 2014

A reader wrote in response to CLR's recent corporate presentation:
It looks like CLR has experimented with some big frac wells about 8 miles S of the Hawkinson wells in an area with poor wells and low density drilling.
The Bonny 5-3H1 #25108 completed 5/22/14 31 Stages 6 Million #sand/ceramic produced 20,533 bbl oil to date.
Bonny 4-3H #25109 completed 5/30/14 40 Stages 7.6 Million lbs sand/ceramic 25,109 bbl to date.
Bonny 3-3H1 #25110 completed 5/28/14 40 stages 8 Million lbs sand/ceramic 23,631 bbl to date.
These wells appear to have only one month of full production with a couple of the wells flaring more gas than selling. It will be interesting to see what the August production numbers look like on these wells.
Interesting to note that just a couple miles to the SW of these wells is an early TF CLR well the Sloan 1-17H #17329 completed 1/8/09 no stages listed (open hole?) 1.2 Million lbs sand only 26,785 BBL oil to date. 
I re-posted the data below for easier access and in case I want to cut/paste/move the data elsewhere:

In Jim Creek field, 3-145-96, on a 3-well pad, all horizontals running north:
  • 25108, 946, CLR, Bonney 5-3H1, Jim Creek, Three Forks NOS, 31 stages; 6.2 million labs sand/ceramic, t6/14; cum 21K 7/14;
  • 25109, 995, CLR, Bonney 4-3H, Jim Creek, middle Bakken, 40 stages; 7.6 million lbs sand/ceramic; t6/14; cum 25K 7/14;
  • 25110,1,143, CLR, Bonney 3-3H1, Jim Creek, Three Forks NOS, 40 stages; 8.1 million lbs sand/ceramic; t6/14; cum 24K 7/14;
Other Bonney wells/permits:
  • 18795, 1,074, CLR, Bonney 2-3M, Jim Creek, middle Bakken, 24 stages; 2.2 million lbs sand/ceramic, t8/10; cum 226K 7/14;
  • 22222, PNC, CLR, Bonney 3-3H, Jim Creek,
  • 17135, 143, CLR, Bonney 34-3H, Jim Creek, an old BR well; open-hold frac?, t9/08/ cum 166K 7/14;
I noticed the same thing the reader noted in passing: on this three-well pad, two of them were Three Forks wells; I assume upper Three Forks (TF1).  For newbies: when the boom began, it was "all" middle Bakken wells; then later in the boom, one Three Forks well for every three or four middle Bakken; wells; to find a 2/3 Three Forks pad is still somewhat noteworthy.

The Sloan well (#17329), by the way: the permit simply said the objective was the "Bakken." The well is a Three Forks well.

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  1. CLR also drilled the Knox 1-16H in northern Williams county, Winner field, which was completed on 5/26/14. They did 30 frac stages, with 3,442,826 lbs of ceramic propant.

    Production started June 10 and has produced 43,968 through August 2014.

    1. Spud to total depth: 13 days. Expensive completion but drilling costs low (relative).

      Some more data for this well at these links.