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Zavanna Adding Six New Wells To #20085 In Long Creek; The First Well Has Produced Almost 200K BOE In The First Year


June 16, 2017: Zavanna with two new permits in Stockyard Creek --
  • 33678, 1,025, Zavanna, Hanson 28-33 5H, Stockyard Creek, t1/18; cum 277K 1/20;
  • 33679, 858, Zavanna, Hanson 28-33 4TFH, Stockyard Creek, t1/18 cum 266K 1/20;
June 5, 2016: halo effect; some incredible notes from a reader.

August 24, 2015:  Zavanna Angus wells ten miles east-southeast of Williston (note: CLR also has "Angus" wells in Elm Tree oil field) --
  • 26687, 1,210, Zavanna, Angus 3-10 7H, Long Creek, middle Bakken, max gas was trip gas of 2,184 units; flares 2 - 6 feet, 19 drilling days, big rig 8 days, 81% within target interval, 24 stages, 2.8 million lbs, t4/15; cum 301K 1/20;
  • 26686, 548, Zavanna, Angus 34-27 4TFH, Stockyard Creek, t9/15; cum 202K 1/20;
  • 26685, 1,543, Zavanna, Angus 3-10 5H, middle Bakken, gas shows as high as 5,770 units, flares 2 - 6feet; big rig - 12 days, 67% within target interval, 35 stages, 3.9 million lbs, Long Creek, t3/15; cum 274K 1/20;
  • 26684, 567, Zavanna, Angus 3-10 3TFH, Long Creek, t9/15; cum 294K 1/20;
  • 26683, 2,950, Zavanna, Angus 34-27 2H, Stockyard Creek, t9/15; cum 441K 1/20;
  • 26682, 2,770, Zavanna, Angus 3-10 1H, Long Creek, t9/15; cum 337K 1/20;
Update on the other wells noted in the original post:
  • 20085, 825, Zavanna, Nelson 3-10 1H, Long Creek, 35 stages; 3.8 million lbs; t8/12; cum 471K 1/20; off-line many months; see much more about this well as this post;
  • 26676, 630, Zavanna, Nelson 3-10 3TFH, Long Creek, t2/15; cum 224K 1/20;
  • 26677, 695, Zavanna, Nelson 3-10 2TFH, Long Creek, total drilling days, 28; "the Three Forks is sourced by the Lower Bakken member"; benches mentioned; "the first bench of the Three Forks is the zone of interest for oil production"; gas shows as high as 6,500 units; difficult to stay in target; majority of the lateral was drilled just above the ideal target zone (2 - 3 feet in TVD); reported dated July 22, 2014; 100% within TF first bench; t2/15; cum 294K 1/20;

Original Post 
A Swedish/Danish family that retains a few mineral acres in the Bakken, alerted me to this note:
  • Zavanna will add three (3) middle Bakken wells and three (3) TF wells to #20085 in Long Creek. 
The reader suggests I look at the homepage:; and,

Here's an update of the existing well:
  • 20085, 825, Zavanna, Nelson 3-10 1H, 35 stages; 3.8 million lbs; t8/12; cum 170K 9/13; 
Long Creek is located just to the west of Banks and Truax, a sweet spot in the Bakken. This particular well is located just south of Stockyard Creek, one of the most active and better fields in the Bakken.

For newbies, take a look at that well. It's a non-descript well, a well that would not have caught anyone's attention when the IP was reported (a mediocre 825) and here it is about a year later, and the well has produced close to 200 boe.

The natural gas processing plants in the area are simply inadequate to handle all the production.

PoolDateDaysBBLS OilRunsBBLS WaterMCF ProdMCF SoldVent/Flare

From the GIS map server, this is what the area looks like right now, in three screen shots:

First, the two new wells next to the existing well:

Second, six new wells to the west of the existing well noted above:

Finally, zooming out to provide a perspective of the entire area. In this screenshot, the six-well pad is not identifiable as a six-well pad; only #26687 shows up:

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