Tuesday, April 2, 2013

US Produced More Oil Than Saudi Arabia For the Second Month In A Row -- CarpeDiem

Two incredible energy stories posted over at CarpeDiem today.

First: for the second month in a row, the US produced more oil than ... drum roll ... Saudi Arabia. The graph is quite dramatic. Check it out. It will cost you one click. These are not subtle changes in month-over-month production changes.

The second story: the US is producing more natural gas in 2013 with fewer than 400 active rigs than in 2008 with more than 1,600 rigs. I remember when there was all that anxiety in North Dakota about the decreasing number of rigs. But I digress. Think about that. Just four or five years ago there were more than 1,600 natural gas rigs in the US producing less natural gas than the 400 active rigs we have now. Again, there are several graphs there. Spend some time at the link. Which reminds me: I have to check to see if "V" commented. No, he did not. Too bad; it's fun to read his comments; he has no clue.

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