Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Fourteen CLR Wells In Section 6-153-101, Baker Field, Southwest of Williston -- Case No 20154, April Hearing Dockets; 14-Well Array


January 19, 2019: production data updated below the graphic. In the big scheme of things, these wells have been disappointing.

September 21, 2014: one can see the fourteen donkeys at this Vern Whitten site, photo #23, Summertime In The Bakken

January 15, 2015: an alert reader noted there are two laterals coming off #23362 on the Atlanta pad. The two horizontals seemed to have been there "from the beginning."

January 1, 2014: update on the Atlanta wells. They have all been drilled to depth, and the last 12 are now on DRL status. Activity during the past two months suggests that they are now being fracked. This is how the NDIC GIS server map now looks:

September 24, 2013: the status of the Atlanta wells as of this date on the NDIC GIS server map:

Zooming in on the wells, note the salt water disposal well in the far northwest corner:

June 1, 2013: another 14-well array -- the CLR Mack wells in Antelope-Sanish

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An aerial photograph of this 14-well pad can be seen at the Rolfstad Presentation, slide # 43. In that photograph, the Williston-Missouri River bridge can be seen at the top left of the photograph.  One can also make out, just barely, the Burlington Northern track running along the river; the track is between the pad and the river. Go to this post to get links to the photograph, the presentation, and the graphic layout of the pad.

These wells will be important to note when they come off the confidential list. In the northeast corner of the section, CLR has three pads: two 4-well pads, and one 6-well pad, as well as a salt water disposal well. It looks like these 14 wells are on 2560-acre spacing.

From west to east (IPs and production updated August 6, 2014):
  • 23372, 364, CLR, Atlanta 1-6H, Baker, middle Bakken; 27 stages; 3.1 million lbs sand/ceramic; t4/13; cum 159K 9/19; taken offline in September, 2013; back on-line 2/14;
  • 23371, 499, CLR, Atlanta 2-6H, Three Forks, Baker, t3/14; cum 72K 9/19;
  • 23370, 597, CLR, Atlanta 3-6H, Baker, middle Bakken; 27 stages; 3.2 million lbs sand/ceramic; t4/13; cum 215K 9/19; taken offline in October, 2013;
  • 23369, 370, CLR, Atlanta 4-6H, Three Forks, Baker, t3/14; cum 77K 9/19;
  • 23368, 441, CLR, Atlanta Federal 5-6H, middle Bakken, Baker, t3/13; cum 180K 9/19;
  • 23367, 540, CLR, Atlanta Federal 6-6H, Three Forks, Baker, t3/14; cum 104K 9/19;
  • 23366, 527, CLR, Atlanta Federal 7-6H, middle Bakken, Baker, t3/14; cum 183K 9/19;
  • 23365, 311, CLR, Atlanta Federal 8-6H, Three Forks, Baker, t3/14; cum 115K 9/19;
  • 23364, 583, CLR, Atlanta Federal 9-6H, Baker, middle Bakken, t3/14 cum 144K 9/19;
  • 23363, 410, CLR, Atlanta Federal 10-6H, Baker, Three Forks, gas 237, 42 - 3420; trip gas 200 - 8,100; t3/14; cum 87K 9/19;
  • 23362, 604 CLR, Atlanta 11-6H, Baker, middle Bakken, two horizontal laterals; t3/14; cum 140K 9/19;
  • 23361, 407, CLR, Atlanta 12-6H, Three Forks, Baker, t3/14; cum 82K 9/19;
  • 23360, 522, CLR, Atlanta 13-6H, Baker, middle Bakken, t4/14; cum 116K 9/19;
  • 23359, 343, CLR, Atlanta 14-6H, Baker, 27 stages, 3 million lbs, Three Forks, gas 82, 82 - 1388, trip gas 2,500 - 4,200; t3/14; cum 107K 9/19;
See this SeekingAlpha article for possible configuration of these wells. A quick run-through of the dockets over the past year would suggest this will become the norm.