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Another CLR 14-Well Section: The CLR Mack Wells In Antelope-Sanish


See below: original case -- 17 wells on 640-acre spacing unit.

These are the new permits since the original post. At some point, I may consolidate all the Mack wells to make them easier to track (again, IPs, production, are updated).
  • 26627, 283, CLR, Mack 13-2H3, Antelope, t10/14; cum 20K 3/15;
  • 26629, 516, CLR, Mack 12-2H2, Antelope, t9/14; cum 35K 3/15;
  • 26630, 630, CLR, Mack 11-2H1, Antelope, t8/14; cum 34K 3/15;
  • 26631, 289, CLR, Mack 10-2H3, Antelope, t8/14; cum 11K 3/15;
  • 26632, 202, CLR, Mack 9-2H2, Antelope,  t8/14; cum 26K 3/15;
  • 26633, 481, CLR, Mack 8-2H, Antelope, t8/14; cum 45K 3/15;

June 20, 2015: Mack wells updated here

March 3, 2015: look at the same section today, compared to that taken for the original post:

Original Post
Antelope oil field.

This is section 2-152-94, as of June 1, 2013:

It should be noted that under the "24499/25524" there are three wells on confidential status. These were originally three Petro-Hunt permits but they were all canceled. Now, identical siting, but different permits, and a different operator: G3 Operating.

In addition, under the rig and #24359, there are two wells.

Interestingly enough, that one 640-acre spaced unit is the only single-section-space unit in the immediate area; it is surrounded by 1280-acre spaced units.

So, I count 10 wells sited in that section. The three G3 Operating wells will run south into sections 11/14.

So I count 7 short lateral wells in that section (2-152-94).

Big deal, huh?

In the June 26 - 27, 2013, NDIC hearing dockets, CLR's request for 17 wells in this 640-acre spaced wells to this section. There is some confusion: they call this the Sanish pool but in fact wells are targeting both the middle Bakken and the Three Forks.
  • 20464, CLR, Antelope-Sanish, 17 wells on a 640-acre unit
And that gives us the 24-well section CLR has been talking about.
  • 17640, 380, CLR, Mack 1-2H, Antelope, a Three Forks well, t3/09; cum 176K 3/15; CS 11,183; TD 15,544; 157,920 lbs sand;
  • 19115, 609, CLR, Mack 2-2H, Antelope, a middle Bakken well, t10/10; cum 158K 3/15; CS 10,915, TD 15,767; 15 stages; 1.26 million lbs sand and ceramic;
  • 20623, 571, CLR, Mack 3-2H, Antelope, a middle Bakken well, t10/11; cum 129K 3/15; CS 10,912; TD 15,955; 15 stages; 1.42 million lbs;
  • 21151, 446, CLR, Mack 5-2, Antelope, a middle Bakken well, t11/12; cum 111K 3/15; CS 10,704; TD 15,650; 15 stages; 1.26 million lbs sand and ceramic;
  • 21152, 901, CLR, Mack 4-2H, Antelope, a Three Forks well, t11/12; cum 165K 3/15; CS 11,015; TD 16,192; 15 stages; 1.26 million lbs sand and ceramic;
  • 24358, 206, CLR, Mack 6-2H, Antelope, t813; cum 57K 3/15;
  • 24359, 842, CLR, Mack 7-2H, Antelope, t8/13; cum 74K 3/14;
Disclaimer: I am assuming 17 "additional" wells in this section; it's possible that CLR is only asking for 7 more wells to be sited in the section, which would result in a 14-well array. 

Click here for a graphic of a 14-well array on 1280-acre spacing; the above is on a 640-acre spacing unit.

[Note: EOG's Fertile 53-3024H, Section 30-151-90 accidentally filed with #20623.]

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