Thursday, February 11, 2021

Discussion: Dak departs. Deshaun Decamps; Destination: Dallas -- February 11, 2021


February 11, 2021: watching sports talk television all-day long since Super Bowl LV suggests Tom Brady has changed the conversation:

  • quarterbacks are tired of getting hit; getting sacked; risking injury (exhibit A: Dak Prescott); they want the protection Tom-Brad- at-age-43 gets;
  • quarterbacks want to be on a winning team; time is running out; how does a 43-year-old win a 7th ring; how does any quarterback get to the Super Bowl ten times?
  • bottom line: a lot of quarterbacks moving this next season or demanding changes on their own teams;

February 11, 2021: wow, was I right on this one. This is still the biggest story on sports talk television this morning -- the Dallas Cowboys ad in which Dak Prescott was not even seen! This is the talk right now: Dak departs. Deshaun decamps to Dallas.

February 10, 2021: biggest takeaway among quarterbacks following TB12's performance in LV? Quarterbacks have said "enough is enough." Quarterbacks want to be protected. Tired of getting hit. TBB figured that out. They knew they had to protect their franchise player, and they did. This is the number one issue that keeps coming up on sports talk television this week following the Super Bowl. 

February 10, 2021: wow, was I right on this one. This is still the biggest story on sports talk television this morning. The Super Bowl has already been forgotten but Jerry Jones and his Dallas Cowboys ad has everyone thinking it was the Cowboys in Super Bowl LV. LOL 

The big story today: Russell Wilson complaining that he is getting hit too much. That was one of my takeaways from Super Bowl LV. See this note. From that post:

Bottom line: KCC schooled. 

Offense, TBB:

  • keep it simple, understood the concept of the "queen bee"; protect TB12 at all costs;
    • sacked once?
    • TB12 standing upright at end of 99% of all plays?
    • never scrambled, except that one time going after a loose ball after a bad snap;
  • multi-dimensional: strong running game when it counted
  • passing: TB12 had only 200 passing yards

Pandemic-adjusted: most-watched Super Bowl in history. From Brietbart this morning:

Digital numbers were up 65 percent this year, proving that TV viewing continues to migrate away from broadcast TV and to streaming and mobile outlets.

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The Most Brilliant Ad Ever


5:43 p.m. CT: I've literally watched every sports talk show on television today, from 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. and every show has led off with "the ad." Near the end of the day the Cowobys organization finally weighed in, saying it was an "oversight." LOL. That guarantees this story will continue into tomorrow. It will not end until Dak Prescott himself has weighed in and analysts have exhausted parsing his remarks.

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The most brilliant "ad" ever? 

The Dallas Cowboys commercial released today to encourage Dallas fans to buy season tickets.

This commercial -- 32 seconds long -- has been playing all morning on every sports talk television show. 

The "talking heads" are laughing at the ad, but again, there is no serious analysis, asking "why?"

The "controversy": the 32-second ad encouraging Dallas fans to buy season tickets does not include any footage of Dak Prescott, but Troy Aikman does make the cut.

The immediate question whenever an ad is released: who is the audience?

The audience for this ad:

  • Dallas fans
  • Dak Prescott
  • the organization

Dallas fans:

  • this suggests to me the internal polling showed there is no love lost between Dallas fans and Dak Prescott; 
  • internal polling might suggest that as great as Dak Prescott is, he is no Troy Aikman; not featuring him in the ad will not hurt season ticket sales; 
  • if there's one thing Texans pride themselves in, it's loyalty -- not just sports fans, but Texans across the board -- patriotism, loyalty -- holding out for more pay, shorter contract does not exemplify loyalty; Dak said he would stay with Dallas only as long as the pay reflected his "self-appraised" value;

Dak Prescott:

  • need we say more?

the organization:

  • this is the biggie;
  • this ad has been playing nationwide all morning long; more exposure than the Dallas Cowboys could have gotten any other way; huge amount of exposure
  • Jerry Jones: the Dallas Cowboys -- "America's team" -- this kind of exposure is priceless
  • any other NFL team getting this kind of exposure just two days after the Super Bowl? Nope.
  • Jerry Jones is the organization; is the team; the 32-second ad is about the Cowboys, not about Dak
  • if the ad is about the Cowboys, no one is going to get higher billing than Jerry Jones

Bottom line:

  • brilliant ad.


  1. If the QB's were not demanding, and teams were not paying them $30-40 mil, they could afford to draft quality linemen AND pay them.
    As a Seahawk fan, Wilson has a point, but also hangs onto the ball far to long. Good portion of those sacks are on him

    1. Same with Carson Wentz -- the poster child for holding onto a football too long.