Monday, July 22, 2019

Can't Wait To See The Market Tomorrow -- July 22, 2019

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Color me surprised. I had no idea this would happen so quickly. I honestly did not think this would happen before the August recess. Congress doesn't like doing anything until they absolutely have to. I guess they were afraid of hearing from their constituents during August when/if the market tanked.

Huge. But this is clearly the top non-energy story of the week. I suppose we need to see some of the details, but the headline and the lede blew me away. Link here.

Color me surprised.

Look how far out into the future this extends -- two years. That takes us well past the next presidential election, and maybe into the next mid-term cycle. Depends.

Debt? According to at least one Nobel Laureate, debt doesn't matter:

I find this whole economic "thing" absolutely fascinating.

Last Friday, in case you missed it:

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