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More On the CLR Carus Well That Will Be Coming Off The Confidential List This Week -- April 14, 2019


May 30, 2020:
  • 16648, 508, CLR, Carus 13-28H, Cedar Coulee, SESW 28-147-96; Bakken pool, t8/07; cum 548K 3/20;
April 18, 2019: 16648, 508, CLR, Carus 13-28H, Cedar Coulee, SESW 28-147-96; Bakken pool, t8/07; cum 302K 2/19; see this post where this well will be followed; the file report is still confidential (9:00 a.m. CT, April 18, 2019) 

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This well is coming off confidential list this week:
16648, conf, CLR, Carus 13-28H, Cedar Coulee on the scout ticket; has been in production since 2007; not sure why it is on the confidential list; a stripper well as of June 17, 2016; an extended reach single lateral; middle Bakken; drilling target: approximately 27 feet thick, about 9' below the base of the upper Bakken shale; 100% within the drilling zone; spud June 10, 2007; KOP: June 22, 2007; cease drilling/TVD, 11,386.65 feet, July 15, 2007; average background gas -- very, very low, almost nil in much of the lateral; open hole completion, 1 million lbs sand; IP of 508; permit for BR (#16648, Carus 24-28H, Oakdale field, Dunn County; Change of Operator from BR to CLR, February 5, 2008; at that time #16648 still Carus 24-28H. The NDIC map does not show any Carus 24-28H; it appears the scout ticket is wrong --
The scout ticket:

NDIC File No: 16648     API No: 33-025-00632-00-00     CTB No: 116648
Location: SESW 28-147-96     Footages: 400 FSL 1530 FWL     Latitude: 47.517750     Longitude: -102.922201
Current Well Name: CARUS 13-28H
Monthly Sales Data: 

The scout ticket says a Cedar Coulee well, but that can't possibly be correct (?). It looks like the Carus wells are in the Oakdale field.

A reader writes:
The Carus well had a drilling rig pit back on it this past winter. Not sure if they drilled a new lateral or not, but they did frac it again afterwards. 

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