Monday, May 29, 2017

VLCC At Corpus Christi -- Successfully Tested -- OXY -- May 29, 2017


September 25, 2017: update on the OXY Corpus Christi terminal. To be complete by end of 2018.

Later, 11:35 p.m. Central Time: see comments from a reader.
Propane - propylene here:

Ethane - ethylene here:
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This is pretty incredible. Earlier a reader sent me a link to a story reporting that this historic event had been delayed 24 hours due to a local thunderstorm.

Apparently, things are back on schedule. New link to a new story. Data points:
  • supertankers tested at Port Corpus Christi, TX
  • mammoth tanker docking Friday at Port Corpus Christi, historic and successful
  • 1,093-foot-long EuroNav tanker: Anne
  • docked at Oxy's crude oil export facility
  • classified as a Very Large Crude Carrier (VLCC) 
  • Belgian-owned ship: largest crude oil tanker to call on a Gulf of Mexico port
  • will boost crude oil exports from Texas
  • when fully loaded: the bottom of the hull -- 66 feet down
  • unfortunately, Corpus Christi Ship Channel is only 45 feet deep
  • so, they partially load the tanker dockside and then finish the loading in deeper waters using using a smaller ship and ship-to-ship transfer
  • will fill up to 60% capacity dockside
  • tanker at 100% capacity will hold 2.2 million bbls of crude oil for European and Asian markets
  • Port of Corpus Christi plans to deepen its channel; build a higher harbor bridge to accommodate larger vessels
Think about that:
  • ten years ago we were talking about Peak Oil
  • President Carter: "start wearing cardigan sweaters"
  • President Obama: "we can't drill out way to cheaper oil"
  • now, VLCCs are docking off Texas
  • Texas will dredge a channel to make it twenty feet deeper (20/45 = 44%)
  • will build a new bridge over the channel
  • all to export oil from the Permian -- an old basin thought to be dead ... until the Bakken revolution
  • not in a generation; not in a lifetime; in less than ten years

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