Monday, September 25, 2017

OXY To Complete Corpus Christi VLCC Loading Facillity By End Of 2018

From Platts: OXY to complete Corpus Christi VLCC loading facility by end of 2018. Data points:
  • VLCC terminal 
  • current draft of 45 feet at the Corpus Christi Ship Channel
  • VLCC: 1.4 million bbls
  • Ingleside Energy Center facilty
  • at a greater water depth of 66 feet or more: capacity of 2 million bbls
  • the PCCA and the US Army Corps of Engineers will jointly invest $327 million to deepen the port  through an aggressive dredging program; will also expand the width of the channel entrance
  • also, the agency is pursuing a new bridge at a cost of $800 million
  • maximum fully loaded vessel that the channel can now handle is an Aframax (about 750,000 bbls)
Also, see this post from May 29, 2017.

Key points:
  • VLCC
  • 2 million bbls of crude oil (two days of North Dakota crude oil production)
  • Panama Canal Expansion 
Remember this NY Times article?

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