Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Computer Tracking Of Hurricane Erika Shows It Unlikely To HIt The Bakken -- August 25, 2015

Breaking now: Hettinger, ND, set a new record low temperature yesterday -- 31 degrees. Yes, that would be one degree below freezing on the Fahrenheit scale. The old record was 37, set back in 2007, at the height of global warming.

Definition of irony: spending the past three decades preparing for global warming, and then learning the modelers got it all wrong; they were looking at the graphs upside down? Remember that satellite probe that crashed into Mars some years ago: the engineers mistakenly used feet when they thought they were tracking the probe in meters.

Don't even get me started.


The graphic below shows the dozens of possible tracks Hurricane Erika will take.

This event is measured in hours, days, and weeks. A month from now it will be history. Two dozen tracks. At least one track shows the hurricane ending just northwest of Havana. Another track shows the hurricane weakening to become nothing more than a north Atlantic Ocean storm ending near Greenland. Quite a discrepancy.

The track put together by the warmists / extreme weather climatologists shows that the hurricane will become the biggest in history, striking Disney World, completing wiping out that theme park, and destroying any chances that Jeb Bush might have had for the presidency.

Rumor has it the modelers tried inputting parameters to have at least one track hit the Bakken, wiping out the entire oil basin, but to no avail. Apparently the Koch Bros in Minnesota had something to say about that. All Trump golf courses on the west coast also appear safe ... for the moment.

Atmospheric CO2 was 401.3 for July, 2015, up from 399 one year ago.

The computer models show the tracks ending as far apart from each other as northwest of Havana (Cuba) and southeast of Greenland. And yet, these same climatologists, using the same computers, and the same algorithms, can tell us within a tenth of a degree what the global temperature of earth will be in 2100, and how much man contributed to that 1-degree rise in temperature.

A huge thank you for a reader pointing this out -- early on a Tuesday morning -- when things here in Texas seem fairly calm. I would tell you that it was Don who sent me the link but he may not want you know it was him so I won't mention his name.

I asked my wife, if after the 1,000-point drop in the Dow over the past week or so, if the events in China were having any effect on her life. She asked, "what events in China?" So, there you have it.

I went to Wal-Mart last night and it appeared all the Chinese stuff was getting there just fine; the shelves were very well stocked. I'll stock up on beans and bottled water later this evening.

By the way, that is true. I did go to Wal-Mart last night. During soccer practice for the 9-year-old, I walked over to one of those "Wal-Mart neighborhood stores," the ones that fit in a strip mall, and are much, much smaller than the typical Wal-Mart, probably the size of a typical hardware store in the midwest before those stores all closed because of Wal-Mart locating on the edge of all those midwestern towns.

I had to buy some spiral notebooks. Every school year Wal-Mart sells 88-cent spiral, college-ruled notebooks for 17 cents. I bought three. I also bought some nicer $3.99 notebooks selling for 85 cents. Years ago when I was substitute teaching, I could buy spiral, college-ruled notebooks for 10 cents at Staples. I don't know if Staples still has those school sales.

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