Friday, June 5, 2015

Greek Tragedy's Fifth Act Extended Until The End Of The Month; We Got Ourselves A Convoy -- June 5, 2015

Do you remember these numbers and dates? Posted on May 17, 2015, just a couple of weeks ago:
  • June 5: 300 million
  • June 12: 300 million
  • June 16: 550 million
  • June 19: 300 million
  • June 19: 100 million 
So, the first payment was due, 300 million Euros today. So, the question is, did Greece make the payment. Nope, they negotiated to kick all of June's payments to the end of the month, June 30

Fracking Poses No "Widespread" Risk To Drinking Water -- EPA

The Dickinson Post is reporting the Reuters story.

Breaking News

OPEC maintains production.

More Breaking News

Sunrise this morning was 5:27 a.m. for New Yorkers.

Flooding In The Bakken
Seems Like a Late Spring

Link hereThe Missouri River near Williston is forecast to rise above flood stage by Friday evening and remain above flood stage into next week as mountain snow melt runoff and recent heavy rainfall across Montana coming off the Yellowstone River makes its way into North Dakota.

The NDIC has ordered some wells shut in due to risk of flooding.


For those who oppose pipelines, this is what it will get you. 

From The Los Angeles Times
Exxon Mobil officials are seeking permission to truck the oil through Santa Barbara County after a ruptured pipeline sent oil spilling into the Pacific Ocean and brought the company's oil transportation operations to a halt.
The company told Santa Barbara County officials Thursday that it wants to send a fleet of 5,000-gallon tanker trucks along U.S. 101 at a frequency of eight trucks per hour, 24 hours a day, every day.
5,000 gallons / 42 = 120 bbls (rounded) * 8 = 1,000 bbls / hour (rounded) = 20,000 bbls daily. The Enbridge Sandpiper will carry 225,000 bbls/day, or about 10x that amount, or about 80 trucks/hour using the same parameters.

Whatever. [I often make simple arithmetic errors. If this is important to you, go to the source.]

Convoy, CW McCall

The version I was more familiar with:

Convoy, CW McCall

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