Monday, August 6, 2012

Wow -- A Truck-Mounted Big Rig in the Bakken

"David" posted this; again, a great post.

A truck-mounted big rig seems to me to be a big deal, but maybe I'm just biased.


  1. Trinidad Drillings website shows the following:
    Trinidad Rig 221

    Trinidad Rig# 221 - AC 330 TON Triple
    SUBSTRUCTURE: -Substructure Type: 2 piece, hydraulically self elevating (telescoping)
    -Manufacture: Global Energy Services
    -Floor Height: 22’
    -Clear Working Height: 18’ 4”
    -Rotary Capacity: 750,000 lbs
    -Maximum Rated Pipe Setback: 400,000 lbs
    MAST: -Mast Type: 136” 3 section telescoping
    -Manufacture: Global Energy Services
    -Static Hook Load: 660,000 lbs
    -Number of Lines: 10 Lines
    -Drill Line Size: 1-1/4”
    -Racking Capacity: 16,500’ of 5” DP, 4 EA 6-1/2” DC & 2 EA 8” DC
    DRAWWORKS: -Manufacture/Model: Global Energy Services MAC1200-AC
    -Capacity: 625,000 lbs w/ 10 Lines
    -Drive Capacity: 1600 hp*
    -Maximum Input HP: 1200
    -Drive: 1 EA GEB28 AC traction motor rated @ 1500 hp
    A company web-site picture of the rig clearly shows it is not "truck mounted". On David's post, most of rig is hidden behind the hill in the foreground.
    Truck mounted rigs typically drill to less than
    about 3000 feet. Trinidad 221 is capable of 17,000 feet.