Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Random Look At Some Oasis Wells North of the River, Southeast of Williston -- Three Middle Bakken/Three TF Test

Crazy Man Creek, Section 12, T153N-R100W, brought to my attention by a reader. Not much information yet, but these should be some nice wells to follow:

  • 19638, running north, DRL, Oasis, Davis 5300 42-12H, s3/11; no frack data in well file as of 7/12
  • 19639, running south, 2,414, Oasis, Cook 5300 42-12H, t9/11; cum 126K 6/12; cased hole, 4.3 million pounds (1.7 sand; 2.6 ceramics)
  • 22225, running north, DRL -->CONF, Oasis, A K Stangeland 5300 43-12T, Crazy Man Creek, s3/12;
  • 22303, running north, DRL, Oasis, Thomas S 5300 41-12B, Crazy Man Creek, s3/12;
  • 22304, running north, DRL, Oasis, Celia S 5300 41-12T, Crazy Man Creek, s3/12; 
  • 23017, LOC, Oasis,  Ashlin 5300 44-12B, Crazy Man Creek,
  • 23018, LOC, Oasis, Andy 5300 44-12T, Crazy Man Creek,
  • 22347, DRL, Oasis, Basey 5300 44-12T, Crazy Man Creek, s5/12;
  • 22348, DRL, Oasis, Kovars 5300 44-12B, Crazy Man Creek, s5/12;
As noted at the link above:
Well files are available for:
  • 22303: middle Bakken well;
  • 22304: Three Forks well;
  • 19638: middle Bakken well;
  • 19639: middle Bakken well;
  • 22225: Three Forks well;
  • 22347: Three Forks well;
  • 22348: middle Bakken well;
The "B" designation in two of the wells (22348 and 22303): middle Bakken.
The "T" designation in two of the wells (22348 and 22304): Three Forks.
The lack of designation in some of the earlier wells (probably middle Bakken).
The "S" designation in two of the wells (22303 and 22304) -- on the same pad; probably family name.
 A bit more information on these wells from a reader (June 12, 2012):
  • in 153-100-12, permit #'s: 19638, 22225, 22303, 22304, 22347 and 22348 -- drill into 1/12
  • the other three permits are drilled into section 13
  • the six wells are listed by Oasis in their Investor’s Report as a “ 3 Bakken and 3 TFS Test”
  • #19638 was drilled a year ago and had problems with the liner.  It has been reworked and fracked according to the surface owner
  • #22303, 22304 are drilled and possibly fracked at this time
  • #22225 and 22347 currently have rigs on them and I’m assuming the rig on #22347 will move to 22348


  1. Bruce-

    I saw this article (link below) today about Harold Hamm/Continental Resource and tax breaks. I always wondered if drilling costs can be expensed. Reading this article, it does appear that they can be which would answer my constant question "how can they afford to keep drilling wells in areas that have such low IP's?"



  2. I don't know how the "business of business" works for the oil industry, but I've always maintained that the oil industry is like any other industry. It's all about the "business of the the business."

    Some people sell widgets, others sell oil. Successful oil companies understand that.