Friday, February 17, 2012

For Investors Only: Motley Fools' Take on KOG -- The Bakken, North Dakota, USA

From the Motley Fool:
Evaluating a company with headwinds this strong can be difficult. Kodiak's trailing P/E of 50.6 looks inflated until forward expectations come into play. With a forward P/E of 9.3 and anticipated sales growth this upcoming quarter clocking in over 800% higher (full-year estimates peg Kodiak's 2012 revenue growing 425%), it's little wonder that most analysts still view the company as a good buy.

Other Bakken players are also expecting major growth, although few have either the specific estimates or the lofty expectations of Kodiak. Samson Oil & Gas doubled its revenue last fiscal year and has a price target of $6, but has only one analyst on its tail compared to the nearly 20 following Kodiak. Whiting Petroleum is expected to grow sales by only 17% this year, and Bakken behemoth Continental Resources may grow only 28%. They both look positively anemic next to Kodiak.
Based on today's IP announcements, Motley Fool might have added Oasis to the mix.

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