Saturday, November 21, 2020

College Football Is In Shambles -- But We Already Knew That -- November 21, 2020

Re-posting from November 12, 2020:

College Football: November 12, 2020

Last night I said this year's college season was dead. It was a bit harsh the way I said it. I wasn't sure I should have posted it. But I left it up. I'm glad I did.

Overnight, this story: college football limps toward the pandemic season's conclusion. From, of all places, The WSJ. Even The WSJ knows this season has been a joke. The season is in shambles. I may sound too harsh, but sometimes the truth hurts. No sugar coating this debacle. Wait until we start seeing stories of how much money the universities and colleges lost this year.



Sunday, November 22, 2020: there more be more to this Clemson-Florida State story. The player that tested positive was a backup lineman for Clemson. On that meager excuse, Florida State said it would not play. In addition, though both teams are free December 12, 2020, Florida State would not commit to that date to play Clemson. Clearly, Florida State does not want to play Clemson this year, LOL. Link here.

Original Post

Today's Clemson - Florida Game "Postponed" At Last Minute: 
November  21, 2020

Huge loss for everyone. Incalculable. Say that fast three times 

Why? One Clemson player tested positive. Yup. One play tested positive. 

I still argue that if any team does not show up for a scheduled game, regardless of reason, forfeits the game. If neither team shows up, it goes down as a tie. 

So, when do the "call" the season? 

Can't wait to listen to talk TV on Monday.

Weekend Wrap-Up

For the archives. I really don't care.

  • Projecting Sunday's new AP top 26 rankings. Link here, November 22, 2020.
  • Refs block chainless, fuel-empty chain saw mascot from field: Read the social comments, puts things into perspective.
  • Michigan barely outlasts Rutgers. Wins in third overtime. LOL. Michigan?
  • Undefeated Liberty University finally defeated by UNC.

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