Monday, October 19, 2020

More EV Companies Coming To Market -- Most Of Them Have No Real Revenue -- Barron's -- October 19, 2020

Running out of toes and fingers to count all the new EV companies. From Barron's: after two high-profile EV companies went public through SPACs earlier this year, at least six more EV-SPAC mergers are on the horizon. More EV companies are coming to market. None of them have any real revenue. Link here. Paywall. One can find story here at MarketWatch, not yet behind paywall. Archived.


Apple iPhone 12 update:

  • Securities analyst Ming Chi-Kuo suggests iPhone 12 Pro demand is higher than expected. Link here
  • iPhone 12 Pro pre-orders are already selling out. Link here. Others have suggested that when the Apple site when live to begin taking orders for the iPhone 12, the supply of iPhone 12's were sold out in twelve minutes
  • Taiwanese carriers believe that sales of iPhone 12 models will be the strongest since the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. Link here.

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