Tuesday, April 21, 2020

OPEC Basket Pricing Below $15/Bbl -- April 21, 2020

OPEC Basket, link here:

MRO CEO: wants US state regulators to "stand down"; let the "market" handle this "crisis," link at Dallas Morning News. MRO is a "major" operator in the Bakken, as well as the Permian.

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Active rigs:

Active Rigs3063594929

Two new permits, #37528 - #3729, inclusive -- these two permits were posted yesterday at the blog based on data from scout tickets -
  • Operator: Crescent Point Energy
  • Field: Dublin (Williams)
  • Comments:
    • Crescent Point Energy has permits for four Pancake wells according to the daily activity report, but the scout tickets spell these wells as "Pankake" wells; SESE/SWSE 31-158-99; Dublin oil field; 
Nine wells approved for confidential status:
  • Whiting (7): seven Wold Federal wells in McKenzie County;
  • Hess (2): one TI-Ives well, and one TI-Blestrud well, both in Mountrail County
Wells with name changes:
  • 17864, Slawson, from Jughead to Jughead Federal
  • 27892, CLR, from Jersey to Jersey FIU
  • 30259, Hess, from ....0706H-1 to ... 0705H-1
  • 36122, Slawson, from MLH to TFH
  • 36126, Slawson, from MLH to TFH
  • 36672, Equinor, from TFH to H
  • 36676, Equinor, from TFH to H
  • 37291, CLR, from 19H to 19H1
  • 37292, CLR, from 19H1 to 19H
  • 37368, Petro-Hunt, from 159-95 to 159-94
  • 37370, Petro-Hunt, from 159-95 to 159-94
  • 37372, Petro-Hunt, from 159-95 to 159-94
Four permits renewed:
  • Bruin: one Ann H. Thome permit in Williams Count; two Diamond permits in McKenzie County; and, one Forest USA permit, also in McKenzie County
Crawfish Season 2020

Crawfish dinner #2.

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