Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Weather-Related Events Affecting Bakken Production? January 10, 2018

Some analysts are suggesting that the drawdown in US crude oil inventories (reported January 10, 2018; EIA) was due to weather-related events in the Bakken.

We probably won't know until the January, 2018, data is released in the March, 2018, Director's Cut.

If you were working in the Bakken these last couple of weeks, it would be interesting to hear your perspective, either through comments to the post or at the poll at the sidebar in which you can leave comments.

Another Stretch

Wow, talk about another stretch. Speaking of airheads, at least one Reuters' analyst suggested that the market's "fall" today was due to uncertainty about NAFTA. LOL.

The Dow has set 70+ new intra-day records since President Trump was elected. I think it had a string of three or four consecutive records in the past week or so.

Today, the market was down over 100 points before it opened, and yet during the day, it showed signs of closing at another new high. It finished the day, off 17 points, or a drop of 0.07%. And then this from Reuters talking about the lack of progress on NAFTA:
Wall Street’s major stock indexes ended lower on Wednesday, partly due to those worries.  
Yes, it appears, based on a drop of 17 points on the Dow today, we are coming to the end of the "synchronized global economy."  Wow, I can't make this stuff up.

My Best Christmas Gift This Year

Lincoln Logs.

Okay. That was one of Sophia's presents. Not mine.

But it's the one gift the two of us love working on together. She is very, very good at putting on the roof(s).

I had Lincoln Logs as a kid (what boy in Williston, North Dakota, in the 1950's did not?). I remember the real wood, the real dark red/brown and the green flats.

The logs these days don't feel like "real wood" but apparently they are. The box says "real wood" and so do two websites. This may explain it: the company that makes Lincoln Logs is the same company that makes golf tees -- and with both golf tees and these Lincoln Logs there is a real feel of a glossy or lacquered finish. I don't like them as much as the Lincoln Logs I had but in the big scheme of things, no big deal.

I was unaware that Frank Lloyd Wright's second son invented Lincoln Logs and I was unaware that there was a failed attempt to change to plastic, and produce them in China. They are now made in the US, production having moved back in 2016. Making America great again.

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