Friday, August 25, 2017

Boomtown's School Enrollment Hits All-Time Record -- August 26, 2017

Some time ago I opined that the #1 metric to determine how things were going in the Bakken was school enrollment. I can't remember now, but I think it was enrollment for this school year that I was going to watch; perhaps it was next year; I forget.

I also suggested that the more "sub" metric was whether the increase was high school enrollment vs elementary school. Whatever my rationale was, it was probably flawed. One can make an argument either way, I suppose.

But it is what it is and this is great news for the Bakken. After going through two years of "bust" in the Bakken, enrollment actually hit a record last year, and then it hit a new record this year:
The Williston Public School District #1 has released the final first day of school enrollment. A total of 4,201 students started the 2017-18 school year on Tuesday, Aug. 22. The total is the highest on record. Last year there were  3,922 students and 2,467 in 2010.

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