Thursday, June 15, 2017

Random Update Of The Completion Strategies In The Bakken -- June 15, 2017

Completion strategies: of the middle Bakken and Three Forks wells that have been fracked in the past several months, these are my general observations (I am not tracking frack data for DUCs, yet). These are my observations. I could be completely wrong; I may be seeing things that others don't see, or some observations may be compleetely wrong. Don't quote me on any of this. I post this only to help me better understand the Bakken:
  • almost all horizontals are the standard, long laterals found in the Bakken, about 9,000 - 11,000 feet long
  • generally, the exception to the "long" laterals are the short EOG laterals in the Parshall, but EOG is also beginning to do long laterals in the Parshall, also
  • the number of stages generally ranges from about 35 stages to 50 stages
    • any frack less than 30 stages jumps out at me
    • same with any frack with more than 50 stages; it jumps out at me
  • the amount of proppant generally ranges around 8 million lbs +/- 2 million lbs
    • any frack with less than 6 million lbs jumps out at me
    • any frack with more than 10 million lbs jumps out at me
    • EOG, Whiting, and QEP have all fracked wells with greater than 10 million lbs of proppant, mostly sand 
    • fracks are generally all sand, but it appears CLR still uses a mix of sand and ceramic (but I don't pay much attention to the mix of proppant)
I have posted the raw data at this post.

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