Friday, June 16, 2017

Maybe A Reader Knows If This Well Was Re-Fracked -- June 16, 2017


June 16, 2017: see first comment. This was a Three Forks well apparently, not a middle Bakken well, (drilled very, very early before operators were necessarily distinguishing between middle Bakken and the upper bench of the Three Forks). Most perplexing, however, is the jump in production that clearly suggests this well was refracked but no evidence that it was.

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I track CLR Hendrickson wells here.

The CLR Hendrickson wells are now coming back on line after most recent fracking in the area.

Note this well:
  • 18224, 1,099, CLR, Hendrickson 1-36H, Elm Tree, t12/09; cum 557K 4/17; remains off-line as of 2/17 as more Hendrickson wells are completed; came back on-line 4/17; huge jump in production; FracFocus -- no evidence of re-frac; no sundry form suggesting this well was re-fracked but the huge jump in production suggests that it must have been re-fracked
Monthly production for past year:
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  1. I looked up the well file for this Hendrickson well. I do not see anything about this well being refracked. But when I got way back in the file, I found the info on the original frack. A couple interesting things... Only 1,926,351 lbs. of sand used, so rather low compared to current rates. And, after being called a Bakken well in various places, under the 'Stimulated Formation' blank... THREE FORKS!! And, it is listed as flowing on the completion info. I imagine by now it has a pump on it, but Wow, what a well, especially if it responded like this without a refrack!!

    1. Wow, I may have to subscribe to Premium Services. LOL. I'm so obsessive-compulsive I'd be on the NDIC site 24/7.

      I really appreciate your taking the time to see if you could discover whether this well was re-fracked.

      Every so often I come across a well like this -- the production cannot be explained through a re-frack when it obviously appears it was re-fracked.

      My hunch is the geologists really, really study the logs of these very curious wells.