Saturday, April 15, 2017

Responding To A Reader's Comment Regarding CLR Completion Solutions -- April 15, 2017

From a reader's comment:
CLR is definitely modifying its frac effort recently. Check out well file 31838 for Charlotte 7X-22H. Wonder what the X means? Interesting this well was fracked with a huge amount of sand and fluid for CLR, had great results, and so far has had little impact on several other Charlotte wells in the same drilling unit. 
Another interesting well is 32606 which is a 2nd bench TF well. Not quite as much frac effort but pretty good results also. 46 stages on 32606 I believe which is unusual for CLR.
For more on #32606, see this post.

For 31883:
  • 31838, 1,267, CLR, Charlotte 7X-22H, Banks, 4 sections, 30 stages; 14.6 million lbs, t1/17; cum -- 
The reader asked about the "X" designation. Hard to say: the original Charlotte 7X-22H well was DRY, and 31838 was a "replacement. #31838, running along a section line and in a 4-section (5,260-acre drilling unit) would be considered a unit line well, I suppose. It's possible the "X" refers to the "experimental amount of proppant being used, but if you want to go down that line of reasoning, then one might want to take a look at this post. Pay particular attention to two things:
  • no one horizontals in the area
  • two horizontals targeting different formations

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