Sunday, November 20, 2016

Finally, The End Of The Feminization Of America -- November 20, 2016

I'm too exhausted to really expand on this but I think folks are clever enough and smart enough to connect the dots. The "soundbite": something tells me Camille Paglia will be impressed with Trump. Maybe even Susan Faludi. Is Trump the first president that never bought into feminization of the United States?

One might have to ask Rush Limbaugh when the feminization of America began but certainly we started seeing it in the Clinton administration. Wow, so much could be written, but I'm just too tired.

Maybe this will give me my "second wind" this evening:

I think Melania is going to be a breath of fresh air. She doesn't plan to move into the White House. The high point of her day: picking up her 10-year-old son, Barron, from school.

Have The Democrats Really Lost 910 State Legislative Seats During The Obama Presidency?

Link here.  That was the assessment as of January, 2015. It's now even worse after the November 8,2 016, elections.
"He’s lost almost 70 Democrats since he’s been president," Roberts said of US Congress, "and more than 900 state legislators.
And, again, that was before the recent election.

How Bad Has Obama Been For The Democratic Party
Hamilton and the Implosion of the American Left

The day after:
  • professors at Yale and Columbia universities and other elite schools postpone exams and cancel classes
  • kids in Washington schools cut class with tacit approval from administrators
  • school officials in Montgomery County offer grief counselors to help students process feelings they have about the election
  • today's Democrats have become a party of coast elites (and an Omaha sage) completely disconnected from the rest of America
National level:
  • the Democratic Party has been wiped out
  • Trump won five states that voted for Obama twice: IA, WI, OH, PA, FL
  • Republicans now control the US House, Senate, White House, and Supreme Court (with next pick)
State level, incredibly worse outcome; on Obama's watch:
  • Democrats have lost a net grand total of 939state legislative seats, 30 state legislative chambers, and a dozen governorships
  • there are now more Republican state legislators than at any time since 1920
  • if Governor McCrory holds on in North Carolina (and he won't), Republicans will match their all-time high of 34 GOP governors last seen in the 1920s
  • Democrats control both the governor's office and the legislature in just five states: OR, CA, HI, CT, RI
  • Republicans have total control of state government in 25 states -- half the country

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