Thursday, July 14, 2016

Regular Unleaded At $1.68/Gallon West Of Grapevine, Near Texas Motor Speedway -- July 14, 2016

Gasoline selling for $1.68/gallon at QT service stations west of DFW. I think these prices will go down at least another 20 cents based on prices elsewhere in the immediate area ($2.09/gallon).

I'm curious if anyone in the US is seeing gasoline at less than $1.69/gallon. See poll at sidebar at the right.

Terrorist Attack?

Did President Obama admit the most recent slaughter in France was a "terrorist" attack? This attack "just happened" and already the president knows it's a "terrorist" attack. Remarkable. I assume SecState John "served in Vietnam" Kerry is calling this a car accident until more information is gathered.

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