Monday, May 23, 2016

Four Consecutive Years Of Declining Conventional Oil Volumes Which Has Never Happened Before -- IHS -- May 23, 2016

Oil & Gas Journal is reporting that the conventional discoveries of oil and gas outside North America have fallen to the lowest level since 1952. Some data points:
  • outside of North American in 2015: just 12 billion boe recoverable resources were discovered from conventional wells
  • lowest level since 1952 (about the time I was born)
  • wow: the volume of oil alone discovered in 2015 totaled just 2.8 billion bbl -- also a record on the downside -- since the ramp-up of oil and gas exploration following WWII
  • 9 million boe of conventional gas discovered: fifth straight year that gas discoveries have exceeded oil discoveries
  • the fall in discovered volumes for conventional oil outside North America has been stead and dramatic during the past few years
  • four consecutive years of declining oil volumes, which has never happened before
  • the bottom has completely fallen out of conventional exploration
  • the supply gap in the future is going to be challenging to overcome

Oil Production Won't Meet Demand In Five (5) Years -- Former Shell CEO

CNBC is reporting:
"We cannot ever produce enough oil, in my opinion, to satisfy global demand five or 10 years out. We have to start using natural gas and more biofuels as a source of transportation fuel," former Shell Oil CEO John Hofmeister said in an interview with CNBC.
On Thursday, the American Petroleum Institute reported petroleum deliveries rose by 3.6 percent from a year ago to 19.7 million barrels a day, making it the highest April deliveries in eight years.
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