Thursday, January 28, 2016

Random Update Of QEP's Tipi V Wells In Spotted Horn Oil Field -- January 28, 2016


January 12, 2019: production update has been provided for QEP's Tipi V wells. 

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Note: there is a lot of "stuff" going on in this section. There will be typographical and factual errors. If this information is important for you, go to the source. Initially I just wanted to see where the "new" six wells were going to be sited, and then I decided to update the existing wells. 

In yesterday's daily activity report, QEP was issued six new permits in a busy section in Spotted Horn oil field. This is what the section looks like:

The diagonal short lateral:
  • 17251, 416, QEP, Levang 4-13H, t10/08; cum 169K 11/18; small jump in production;
The following wells come from a six-well pad sited in section 12 to the north:
  • 21521, 1,521, QEP, Dailey 4-12/13H, t3/12; cum 432K 11/18;
  • 30291, 2,463, QEP, Dailey 12-11LL, t7/15; cum 216K 11/18;
  • 30290, 1,888, QEP, Dailey 12-13TH, t7/15; cum 153K 11/18
  • 30289, 2,197, QEP, Daily 7-12-13BH, t7/15; cum 224K 11/18;
  • 30288, 2,067, QEP, Dailey 4-12-13T2H, t7/15; cum 112K 11/18;
  • 30287, 951, QEP, Dailey 6-12-13BH, t7/15; cum 267K 11/18:
PoolDateDaysBBLS OilRunsBBLS WaterMCF ProdMCF SoldVent/Flare

The sixth well was a short lateral and does not extend into section 13.
  • 29375: a "section line well" -- on a 4-well pad sited in section 11-150-95 to the northwest; 2,298, QEP, P. Levang 14-13-23-24LL, Grail, t5/15; cum 268K 11/18;
There is an error in the graphic above: the "previously permitted pad" is for five wells, not four wells (by the way, the permits for these five Tipi V wells were renewed by QEP on January 29, 2016):
  • 30581, 1,992, QEP, Tipi V 2-24-25TH, Spotted Horn, t4/18; cum 157K 12/18;
  • 30582, 2,649, QEP, Tipi V 3-24-25BH, Spotted Horn, t4/18; cum 262K 12/18;
  • 30585, PNC, QEP, Tipi V 1-24-25T2H,
  • 30584, 3,139 , QEP, Tipi V 2-24-25BH, Spotted Horn, t4/18; cum 239K 12/18;
  • 30583, 1,502, QEP, Tipi V 1-24-25TH, Spotted Horn, t4/18; cum 146K 12/18;
The six permits in the daily activity report published yesterday are:
  • 32492, PNC, QEP, Tipi V 2-13-12T2H,
  • 32493, PNC, QEP, Tipi V 2-13-12BH,
  • 32494, 722, QEP, Tipi V 1-13-12TH, Spotted Horn, t6/18; cum 112K 12/18;
  • 32495, 2,599, QEP, Tipi V 1-13-12BH, Spotted Horn, t6/18; cum 195K 12/18;
  • 32496, 1,755, QEP, Tipi V 1-13-12T2H, Spotted Horn, t6/18; cum 178K 12/18;
  • 32497, 4,780, QEP, Tipi V 13-12-7-18LL, Spotted Horn, t6/18; cum 222K 12/18;

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