Saturday, June 20, 2015

Tweeting: Flood Waters In Grapevine, TX -- June 20, 2015

Tweeting now, from where I live, here in Grapevine, TX:
Photo: Woman sits on top of car after getting trapped in flood waters in Grapevine, Texas - @NBCDFW
I'm Confused

Recycling -- Just What I Thought

A reader sent me this Washington Post article on recycling. My reply:
Incredibly timely. My wife is a recycling addict. I was aware of the problem(s) associated with recycling raised in that WP article.
To some extent, it's common sense: in our apartment complex there are green bins for paper (?) and blue bins for glass and, I guess metal (?). My wife and I are pretty conscientious but I know neither of us cares any more whether we toss recyclable stuff into green or blue bins.
I've also been told that it doesn't take much garbage (food waste) to ruin an entire load of recyclable material. Those were interesting data points in the article about glass; news to me.
My hunch is that in some localities, the recyclable issue is much worse than being presented in the WP article. I think the go-gooders created a monster with the recycling -- they can't dial it back or they will "lose face." But it's probably not working any more.
As far as I can tell, in this apartment complex, people are throwing regular trash into the green and blue bins.
I was unaware that the demand for paper is at a near-decade low.
Recycling: more and more simply something to do to make us feel good. Or at least makes my wife feel good. (See first comment below for another view.)

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