Tuesday, February 3, 2015

3/4 Of Bakken Wells To DRL Status; Apple Will Build "Global Communications Command Center" In Arizona, Not California; Renewable Energy -- February 3, 2015

Wells coming off confidential list have been posted; 3/4 go to DRL status. 

I'm re-posting this from an earlier post. This is a huge story on at least two levels:

Apple will build "global communications command center" in Arizona, not California. Macrumors is reporting:
Apple plans to take over the Mesa, Arizona factory where GT Advanced was formerly producing sapphire boules, transforming the facility into a massive $2 billion data center, reports CNBC. The data center will reportedly act as a "command center" for Apple's global data network.  
According to Arizona Governor Doug Ducey, the center will house 150 full-time Apple employees and its construction at the 1.3 million square foot facility will create 300 to 500 additional jobs.
I assume Apple would have preferred California. Little by little, Apple is moving east.
In a statement, Apple called the investment one of the largest it had ever made and pledged that the facility would run on 100 percent renewable energy like the company's other data centers.
Renewable energy makes sense for this type of operation. More important than renewable energy is an uninterruptible power supply not connected to the national grid. Apple is simply brilliant. It was interesting that no one commenting on this story noted that.

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