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Random Update On Busy Area In North Fork Oil Field; Despite Drop In Oil Prices, Bakken Economy Numbers Still Huge -- February 3, 2015


July 27, 2016: update today shows that all wells either remain on confidential list of have become DUCs. The conf wells that have moved to DUC status since last update:
  • 30280 - 30282 (3 wells)
  • 25199 - 25202 (4 wells)
I don't see any production numbers from any of these wells (except for the 2009 well (#17291). If the wells on confidential status are producing, folks may be getting royal checks for those wells. I would not know.

Original Post
Random look at busy area in the Bakken, North Fork oil field 

NOTE: Do not update this page. The Merton / Jerome wells are now tracked at this post.
In the graphic below (it looks like the "Jerome" wells run south; the "Merton" wells run north):

One completed well
  • 17291, 756, BR, Jerome 1-15H, t2/09; cum 243K K 7/18;
A 3-well pad on confidential list:
  • 30485, conf, Jerome 14-10MBH,
  • 30486, conf, Merton 14-10MBH,
  • 30487, conf, Merton 14-10TFH ULW (suggests a 2560-acre spaced well)
A 3-well pad on confidential list
  • 30280, 3,327, BR, Merton 21-15TFH, North Fork, t9/16; cum 376K 7/18;
  • 30281, 3,487, BR, Merton 21-15MBH, North Fork, t9/16; cum 320K 7/18;
  • 30282, 2,806, BR, Jerome 21-15MBH, North Fork, t9/16; cum 239K 7/18;3048
A 4-well pad on confidential list
  • 25199, 2,928, Merton 21-15MBH 2NH, North Fork, t8/16; cum 378K 7/18;
  • 25200, 1,776, Jerome 21-15MBH 2SH, North Fork, t8/16; cum 317K 7/18;
  • 25201, 3,360, Merton 21-15TFH 3NH, North Fork, t8/16; cum 390K 7/18;
  • 25202, 1,536, Jerome 21-15TFH 3SH, North Fork, t9/16; cum 272K 9/18;
A 4-well pad on confidential list
  • 30221, 566, Merton 41-15MBH, North Fork, t9/18; cum --;
  • 30222, 470, Jerome 41-15MBH, North Fork, t9/18; cum --;
  • 30223, 378, Jerome 41-15TFH, North Fork, t9/18; cum --;
  • 30547, 348, BR, Merton 41-15TFH ULW, Croff, t10/18; cum --;
There were four BR permits in the graphic that were canceled.

The Dickinson Press is reporting:
In previous budget projections, the North Dakota State Water Commission -- the state agency that pays for water projects throughout the state -- was expected to receive an estimated $930 million to put toward water infrastructure.
But with the drop in international oil prices triggering revisions to the state budget, that number could now be down to an estimated $500 million.

The loss in revenue could cause the Southwest Water Authority to reassess its proposed $100 million budget for the 2015-16 biennium.
Prior to the surge in oil development in North Dakota, the Water Commission's budget averaged around $20 million to $30 million.

Three Important Links For Global Warming Deniers
Three Really Important Links For Warmists (of those warmists who still "believe" in science)

Turns out: the math was wrong: Australia

Conclusion: Resolving the discrepancies between the methodology adopted by IPCC in AR4 and AR5 is vital. Once those discrepancies are corrected for, it appears that the impact of anthropogenic global warming over the next century, and even as far as equilibrium many millennia hence, may be no more than one-third to one-half of IPCC’s current projections." The link takes you to a PDF.

And then this: if you read this article closely, you will see that warmists do not simply use the temperatures reported/collected; they pick and choose the temperatures they put into the model (for quality control) and then massage the numbers. As an example, if a scientist reports a temperature for a certain location that "seems" to low to be accurate, the UN modelers will declare that temperature and outlier and not include it in the data. They will exclude outliers. They will very likely include "outliers" if the temperatures on the high side, but will exclude "outliers" if the temperatures are on the low side since those temperatures won't fit their theory. 

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