Monday, December 22, 2014

Strata-X Sleeping Giant -- First Well To Come Off Confidential List Goes To DRL Status -- December 22, 2014


April 14, 2015: Director's Cut --
"As you are aware the exploration well in Emmons County is not longer on confidentail status as of 12/23/14. The well has not been completed yet, but appears to contain 2 pay sections totaling about 80 feet thick with very good gas shows."
6:10 p.m. Pacific Time: another article on Strata-X in North Dakota from Emmons County Record

6:09 p.m. Pacific Time: a reader sent this New York Times link; I haven't had a chance to read it yet, but it should provide some datapoints/background for newbies like me trying to understand Strata-X in North Dakota. If the link is broken, google natural gas glut isn't deterring southwestern energy.

6:04 p.m. Pacific Time: a reader sends a link to a very informative Bismarck Tribune article on this well. I replied to the reader:
Thank you very much. Very interesting. You know, I think I remember seeing that article. If I saw it, I must have linked it but, if so, I completely forgot. I noted that the company said they did not complete the well because there were no completion crews in the area. One would think that with the slowdown in the Bakken there should be plenty of crews in the future, though it's a bit of a drive.
The article does say the company might be able to complete the well in January, 2015. This is really a very good article. One may want to save it (these stories are often archived by the originator). 
Original Post

NDIC File No: 27235     API No: 33-029-00037-00-00
Well Type: GASD     Well Status: DRL     Status Date: 6/22/2014     Wellbore type: Vertical
Location: NESE 11-132-75     Footages: 1460 FSL 553 FEL     Latitude: 46.264742     Longitude: -100.026761
Current Operator: STRATA-X, INC.
Current Well Name: ROHWEDER #1-11
Elevation(s): 1992 GL     Total Depth:       Field: WILDCAT
Spud Date(s):  6/22/2014
Completion Data
   Pool: NIOBRARA     Status: DRL     Date: 6/22/2014

Neset Consulting Service
Field: Sleeping Giant
Total depth: 1,450 feet
Spud date: June 22, 2014
Cease drilling: June 26, 2014
Spacing: 160-acre

Summary: reached a total depth of 1,450 feet on June 25, 2014, in the Carlisle formation.

The Niobrara was comprised mostly of shale, with a background gas reading between 37 and 208 units.

The Carlisle was picked at 1,316 feet; total depth to 1,450 feet. The well has production liner set to bottom, with plans of production testing underway.

So, we have a vertical well that took about three days to drill back in June, 2014, and six months later it remains on DRL status. 


The other three wells have no date for coming off the confidential list. The original post is at this link:


  1. So for us rookies what does that mean for this well / project?

  2. Strata-X already said they were going to wait to produce these wells, I'm not sure what you thought you would see. I think it may be at least a year or better before any real news about these wells comes out.

    1. Noted; I'm just a rookie here. I had no idea what I was going to be reported, but my hunch was about right.

      This is what I posted December 19, 2014:
      "My hunch is December 23, 2014, will come and go with minimal new information."

      I was off by a day (December 22 vs December 23) and there was more information than I expected.

  3. They sell stock, not gas.

    Now that they sold more stock, they may be able to afford a test.

    They lose the prospect if they don't drill 4 wells. They got an extension, since the first deadline passed.

    The big issue is "where will emmons County drivers get CNG?" They said this was a market. Oh well.

    This prospect and company are for Entertainment purposes only.
    Anon 1

  4. A post elsewhere says Marcellus gas is $1 today.

    Tough competition.

    Anon 1

    1. From what I can tell from reading RBN Energy, natural gas is all about location, location, location (with price, of course, being most important).

  5. Weren't they looking to build a NG power plant somewhere down there?