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Tuesday Night - Lots Of Stories -- Not Many About The Bakken -- October 28, 2014

But the first story is about the Bakken. The press release:
Crestwood Midstream Partners LP  announced today the loading of the 1,000th crude oil unit train at its COLT Hub in Epping, North Dakota.
The COLT rail facility commenced service in June 2012 with an original capacity to load 80,000 barrels per day. The facility has undergone two major expansions since 2012 and has a current capacity to load up to 160,000 bopd.
Crestwood’s COLT rail facility is one of the largest crude-by-rail loading terminals in the U.S., based on daily volumes loaded, currently averaging approximately 120,000 bopd. 
I first blogged about this in 2010.
  • June, 2012 - July, 2014: 24 months
  • Aug - Sept - Oct: less than 3 months
  • off-line for expansion
  • so maybe 24 months
  • 24 * 30 = 720 days
  • 1,000 crude oil unit trains / 720 days = more than a unit train on average every day. 
Wow, that's working 24/7.

Hillary Clinton, said in a recent speech, that this CBR terminal was built by the government. She said every business in this country was built by the government. Not even going to find the link.

A big "thank you" to a reader for finding / sending me the Crestwood press release. In fact, I think most of the stories linked on this post are coming in from readers.

More Businesses "Built" By The Government

By the way, The Bismarck Tribune is reporting that the government "built" more than a 1,000 businesses in the Bismarck-Mandan area in the last ten years:
From 2002 to 2013, 1,169 new places of business were opened in Burleigh and Morton counties.
“The growth of our community is undeniable, but it can be difficult to quantify that growth when it’s happening at such a fast pace,” marketing and research director Judy Sauter said in the Bismarck-Mandan Development Association newsletter.
“So while it’s easy to point to specific building projects or anecdotal stories, quantifiable statistics like those in our monthly Economy-at-a-Glance are the best indicators of just how far we’ve come.”
As of 2013, there were 33,267 business establishments in North Dakota, according to North Dakota Job Service statistics.
Hillary would be proud: all these businesses being "built" by the government. It's really quite remarkable when you think about it. No wonder Hillary gets so excited when she talks about it. Just imagine all the "businesses" and "jobs" her government will create if she becomes president.

Global Warming
Climate Change
Extreme Weather
Ice Age Now
The Pause That Refreshes

Okay, we all agree there has been no warming for 19 years. Now, the UN's climate experts are saying the "pause" will last another 30 years. I can't make this stuff up. Yahoo!Video: UN climate scientist says "cooling" could last another 30 years. I was looking for a site that had the "print" report and there are literally so many sites saying the same thing. Just like a growing snowball, all these reports now coming out that global warming is over. That was easy.

How's That Clean Coal Plant In Mississippi Working Out?
They Would Have Been Better Building A Nuclear Plant

This story is now tracked here

I'm sure the folks in Mississippi will be happy to hear that news -- that global warming is on "pause" for the foreseeable future. Bloomberg is reporting:
Southern Co. said its first-of-a-kind clean coal power plant in Mississippi will cost almost three times more and take three years longer than originally proposed. [They would have been better off building a nuclear plant.]
The estimated cost of the Kemper County project is now $6.1 billion and it’s expected to be in service in the first half of 2016, Atlanta-based Southern said today in a filing.
The company initially said the project would cost $2.2 billion and begin generating power four years after it was proposed in 2009.
“It’s the gift that keeps on taking,” said Paul Patterson, a New York-based analyst for Glenrock Associates LLC. “This is one of many write downs and it’s a disappointment, obviously.”
The plant would be the first designed to capture carbon dioxide by turning coal into a gas, with technology that Southern plans to sell to others as countries from the U.S. to China seek to cut greenhouse-gas emissions. Kemper will heat the coal to high temperatures to turn it into a gas and then separate carbon dioxide that can be piped to oil fields to improve output.
The Chinese are adding a new coal-powered plant once a week, on average. I guess this Kemper County project is another "business" that is being built by the government, the stuff that Hillary talks about. Delayed. Over budget. The big story here is whether someone will eventually "pull  the plug" on this project and just take the write-off. The costs are going to be passed on to the customers. 

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