Friday, June 13, 2014

Update On The Torquay (Three Forks In Canada) -- Seeking Alpha

I would have missed this; a reader just sent it to. Seeking Alpha has an article on the Torquay in Canada.

Regular readers will recall the post I did on the Torquay a couple of months ago.

From the Seeking Alpha article:
Just when you thought The Bakken couldn't get any better -- it does.
Oil producers are now "cracking the code" on the Torquay, or Three Forks formation below the Bakken, and coming up with incredible economics -- these wells are paying back in only seven months.
This news has completely re-invigorated the Canadian side of the Bakken. And on the US side, the Three Forks is causing industry to leap-frog estimates of the amount of recoverable oil available -- by about 57%.
It's hard to imagine that the #1 oil play in all of North America could have such a huge increase in size -- usually this happens in increments. This map from the Province of Manitoba shows how much potential theTorquay/Three Forks has -- it ranges from 1.5-7x as thick as the Bakken!

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