Friday, January 25, 2013

NDIC Approves Hess Request For Drilling In Killdeer Mountains

Link here to The Bismark Tribune.
Hess is proposing drilling up to eight wells on a spacing unit approximately five miles southwest of Medicine Hole, a site considered sacred to Native Americans. The site also is about three miles west of the Killdeer Mountain Battlefield Historic Site.
There will be conditions. 

It looks like the area under question is in the Little Knife/Jim Creek oil field region, possibly near section 1-145-97 or section 36-146-97.


  1. I drove around Killdeer Mountains a couple years ago and it seemed to me like there were already a number of wells including some eco pads located in that area.

    If you go to the GIS map at NDIC and zoom into the region of sections 22 & 27 in 147/96, then go to imagery on the right side of the screen click on Topo/DRG 100K-

    You will see Oakdale field, sitting in the North Killdeer Mountain area and you will see two rigs drilling on two pads in 22 with another pad permitted in that section for a total of 11 new + 1 existing wells.

    On a side note the existing Hawkinson wells in that area have done very well. It will be interesting to see how the increased density will work out.

    1. Thank you. Yes, there is a lot of drilling activity in the area. I think the pad site is relatively near to land considered sacred by some.