Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Another Look At The Liberty Wells/Permits in Otter Field


May 19, 2014: a very nice well reported today --
  • 26342, 2,706, HRC, Miller 157-101-12D-1-2H, Otter, t2/14; cum 17K 3/14;
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In today's daily activity report: Triangle USA Petroleum with six permits in Otter field. They must like something they've found in that area.

Triangle has two wells sited in section 21-157-101, Otter field. One well is active and producing, the other is still on the confidential list:
  • 22296, 463, Triangle, Larsen 157-101-21-16-1H, Bakken, 31 stages; 4 million lbs sand and ceramic; excellent hydrocarbon show; high gas units, up to 2,000 and 3,000 units;  Otter, t8/12; cum 88K 3/14;
  • 22297, 207, Triangle, Larsen 157-101-28-33-1H, Bakken, 28 stages; 3.6 million lbs sand/ceramic;  moderate to excellent hydrocarbon shows; gas 500 - 3,500 units; Otter, t1/13; cum 56K 3/14;
The new permits (four Three Forks and two middle Bakken):
  • 24877, conf --> loc (permit renewed in 2014), Triangle, Larsen 157-101-28-33-2H, Three Forks, Otter, 
  • 24878, conf --> loc (permit renewed in 2014), Triangle, Larsen 157-101-28-33-3H, Bakken, Otter,
  • 24879, conf --> loc (permit renewed in 2014), Triangle, Larsen 157-101-28-33-4H, Three Forks, Otter,
  • 24880, conf --> loc, Triangle, Larsen 157-101-21-16-2H, Three Forks, Otter,
  • 24881, conf --> loc (permit renewed in 2014), Triangle, Larsen 157-101-21-16-3H, Bakken, Otter,
  • 24882, conf --> loc (permit renewed in 2014), Triangle, Larsen 157-101-21-16-4H, Three Forks, Otter,
A non-Triangle well in this field, one mile to the east:
  • 22506, 509, Petro-Hunt, Rossland 157-101-22C-15-1H, Otter, t5/12; cum 31K 12/12;
So, it looks like a good field, but not yet a great field.

Otter field is in a relatively small field, only 24 sections (and won't get any bigger; hemmed in by fields on all borders) in the far northwest corner of Williams County. It is immediately north of Tyrone oil field, which means it is pretty much straight north of Williston, no more than 15 miles away.

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