Thursday, September 13, 2012

Economic Development in the Williston Basin Oil Patch -- the Williston Wire

No links; one can subscribe to the Williston Wire. Just some quick bullets.

Peterbilt to break ground on new dealership in Williston today

Williams County continues crew camp moratorium, but existing camps with more than 200 units can add to them.

Mercy Medical Center celebrates grand opening of new addition (I believe this has been posted earlier; perhaps just the announcement that it would have a grand opening)

Trinity Health officially opens new Williston facility (ditto)

Aaron's, Inc, opens in Williston (ditto)

"The Williston" celebrates grand opening (ditto)

Value Place Hotel to celebrate grand opening

Concrete overlay on roads may prevent rutting

Outside the oil patch: a technology boom, particularly in the Fargo area (but Bakken horizontal drilling and fracking is all about technology)

Watford City's 77 one-acre country home lots subdivision to celebrate grand opening today


  1. Just read the Bentek report on nat gas. Based on Benteks projections for 2020, an additional 20 nat gas processing plants the size of Stateline I and II would be needed, or 8 plants the six of Tioga's Hess plant. Talk about growth.

    Anyone know the nat gas consumption rate for the ammonia plant proposed for Jamestown? There could be more of those plants coming, especially with all the nat gas coming from Utica/Marcellus plugging up eastern markets and ND nat gas pipelines limiting out state movements. Could see a lot of nat gas power plants in ND or nat gas intensive industries just because the nat gas may end up being land locked.

    1. The rail industry caught me by surprise in the Bakken, and so did the natural gas story. There may be yet more surprises regarding the latter.

  2. Bruce, some of my favorite links are the "construction bid" sites of upcoming projects. You can find all kinds of upcoming construction projects for different parts of the country. In the Dodge Lead Center site

    select ND and enter project name (use WILLIAMS) for Williams county...and it will list project bids for upcoming projects. Before it was even announced, Buffalo Wild Wings, Love's, 12plex movie thaaters, etc... were listed. I see now there are 4 new apartments buildings coming on line (2 appear to be 5story buildings with parking garages underneath) Also found a 240 room hotel. Check it out, pretty interesting. Another good one is BidClerk

  3. Note: these sites allow you to take a peak at only ONE project at a time and then it prompts you to register. But, I found if you close out of the web page and go back in, you can review a different project without registering.

    1. Thank you. When I get a chance later. I will take a look at them. Interesting web links, to say the least.