Sunday, August 14, 2011

Why The Bakken Keeps Me Excited -- Two Great Wells -- One With 20,000 Bbls in 14 days; Fracked -- Bakken, North Dakota, USA

A while ago I posted how hot McGregory Buttes oil field was (and neighboring South Fork).  McGregory and South Fork lie west/east of each other, and both are in the reservation.

Tonight I took a look to see if there was any news. No official reports, but production numbers for two Enerplus wells were superb.

First, the IP for this well had been reported earlier, but look at production: 31,000 bbls in 2.5 months:
  • 18103, 915, ERF, Look Out Ridge 4-21H, 9,300 bbls in first 11 days (South Fork field); s12/10; t4/11; 31K as of 6/11; s12/10; t4/11; cum 191K 8/17; candidate for re-fracking (8/17)
That's a nice well, but then look at this one. This is a Dakota-3 well, a subsidiary of Williams (WMB):
  • 18922, 472, WPX/Dakota-3 (WMB), Dakota-3, Skunk Creek 1-12H, (South Fork field), 19,354 bbls in first 14 days. Its first production was 6/15/11.  s9/10; t6/11; cum 411K 8/14; produced 18,000 bbls in November, 2011; in July, 2011, producing 17K/month; 11K in Nov 2012; cum 530K 8/17;
In South Fork oil field (where the Dakota-3 well is), there are 12 permits; three are active and producing; all the rest are confidential. But note this: 8 of the 12 permits belong to KOG.

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