Friday, May 10, 2013

Petro-Preneurs In North Dakota -- Mark Perry On Kudlow

10 minutes 25 seconds of great interview with CarpeDiem's Mark Perry and others (including some apologist for Solyndra; his five seconds of sound bite was four seconds too long).

Department of Energy: "a private equity fund" for pet projects .... projects that all failed....

Dickinson, Williston, Minot mentioned. In that order.

Making $95,000/year, but living in their cars. [Comment: Jim Cramer lived in his car at one time. JK Rowling, the author of the Harry Potter series, and perhaps the wealthiest woman in the world is said to have lived in her car (I believe she was too poor to have owned a car at that time, but the point is well taken). I doubt many folks are living in their cars for many months before they leave the Bakken or find a place to live. And submariners live in a smaller space than a car for extended periods of time. Don't take this out of context, but I'm getting tired of some of these cliches.] 

Huge impact on states well outside of North Dakota.

"Saudi America."

Crystal clear videos of pumpers. 

Regular readers won't hear anything new, but it's amazing to hear "Dickinson, Williston, and Minot" on Kudlow.

The interview finishes with concerns about the EPA and fracking regulations. The concern is still out there, folks.

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